Premium creative. Innovative brand-building. A California design studio turning things inside out since 2000.

When you boil it down, Merritt Studio means relevant education, 15 years of industry experience, polished work,
lots of excited and satisfied clients, and above all, process.

Merritt Studio

Great work, regardless of aesthetic, stems from a synthesis of great collaborators, ideas, process, and execution. A finished product is only as good as those components allow it to be. At Merritt Studio, we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best in each area for every client. The result: lasting client-studio relationships and memorable, effective, exceptional work. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve found it.


As collaborators, where we do we start with your project? We start by hearing you. Let’s talk about your business, your mission. What defines you now, and where do you want to go? We’re ready to take your story, add our seasoned perspective, and design creative solutions tailored to your needs. So, let’s talk about your audience, challenges, and dreams. Let’s hike over the horizon together and build something remarkable and new.


An idea can emanate from anything, at anytime. An angle. A childhood photo. A 15-year-old music video. A shaft of light. An elderly man’s laugh in a crowded train car. On the dance floor at a wedding. In line at Leti’s taco truck. A piece of apple pie. A feeling. An upturned shopping cart under an overpass. A steady beat. An old flame. Like a lightning bolt to the brain, inspiration runs wild and strikes fast. We’ll capture it for you.


“Innovative” is just a word, and anyone can use any word to describe themselves. But to truly innovate means to approach life, or a project, as though limitations and boundaries don’t exist and do not apply. Innovation is the result of evaporated expectations. It’s what happens when organic creativity guides a collaborative process beyond our initial vision. At Merritt Studio, innovation is the creative principle. It’s our essence.


Whatever the final form, we’re ready to pull polished concepts and design out of the ether and package them, make them tangible. Catalogues and lookbooks. Logos. Wallpaper. A complete digital refresh. Advertisements. Space and booth layouts. Book covers. Towels. Packaging. Brand concepts. Apparel patterns. For 15 years, Merritt Studio has been thinking it, making it, doing it. Now we’re ready to do it for you.

Our current partners in crime.

… Devin kept his head no matter how crazy our client would get, and did it with a smile. He was a great leader as well, and took the reins the second I had to step away, without thinking twice …

Nathan Thompson, Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer of Sightbox Studios

… He consistently strives to take projects to the next level and to bring new and refreshing ideas to the table …

Ria Jones, Senior Project Manager at ROXY

Besides creating beautiful imagery that can connect with consumers he also has an understanding of what it takes to create authentic brand experiences through environmental design and online interactions.

Craig Metzger, Art Director, Brand Strategy and Marketing

Skilled at concept development, I always appreciated Devin's thoughtful creativity. His broad range, from taking on mundane projects to elaborating dynamic themes, demonstrates his unique talent. His visual communication skills, paired with his theoretic background, are an asset to any organization!

Doug Wheaton, Marketing Director - Visionary Marketing and Communications Professional

Partners in life and in work

We have the privilege of working in the world together as colleagues and makers.
Friends for life, friends for business.