Jose Cuervo Tradicional

“When Jose Cuervo’s in the mix, epic moments happen when you least expect it. Jose Cuervo is the spark that ignites the fun and adventurous side in all of us. It’s the perfect drink to celebrate an epic day, from the golden hour to a night of memorable moments, Jose Cuervo keeps the stories flowing.”

When I was asked to assist and co-art direct with Rent Control on this project I was truly excited to be apart of something special and unique. I was familiar with most of the team and brand ambassadors. I had worked with some of them while tenured at Quiksilver/ROXY and was excited to to make some magic with an all-star team. Our goal was to capture the adventure-inspired surfer traveling together with Jose Cuervo Tradicional Tequila. The answer was always = FUN and much more beyond…

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Jump to the Cuervo Tumblr page to get more insight into the surf activation.

The team consisted of:
Dane Peterson = @d_peto
Jared Mell = @bangbangboogie
Luke Davis = @lukedavisthegrey
Kassia Meador = @kassiasurf
Colin Whitbread = @colin_whitbread_
Alex Gray = @a_gray

Photographers consisted of:
Dane Peterson= @d_peto
Scott Soens = @scottsoens

Video Director:
Ross Haines = @aframes

Creative Direction, Art Direction and Influencers:
Randy Hild, Matt Lindauer and Danielle Beck

Prop Stylist:
Dominic Muller = @guscreative

Lauren Tanzer at Summer Jax
Raul Chapa at Green is Good

A little behind the scenes.

Exploring the Sayulita was pretty awesome and eye-opening. I have spent plenty of time in other parts of Mexico but none like I spent here. The weather was fantastic, the food was outstanding, the water was warm and pleasant and most importantly the people were amazing. We were welcomed with arms wide open. The colors of the sky, ocean and sunsets were outstanding, the pop colors of the quaint little town walls, flags and shops were overwhelming. Our adventure of finding the perfect place to have a shot of Tradicional was so easy to come by.


Roadside destinations as we pressed on our adventure to the city of Tequila. Fruitstands everywhere, sign painting at its finest and tourists spread few and far between. The city of Tequila was a charming town that houses the main factory of Jose Cuervo, which would be a destination for our team to participate in the factory tour and tasting. Truly an eye opening experience to learn so much about tequila and how beautiful of a process it is.

Jared Mell getting his surf on in a Mariachi jacket. Style is King.

Rise and shine. We were greeted with the most striking sunrise in the agave fields of Jose Cuervo. To see the Jimadores in action as they gracefully sliced the agave to a round pina with their sharper than sharp koas was remarkable. It made me appreciate tequila even more and truly embrace the complexity of its flavors.

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