Future San Diego Padres

By January 24, 2017Art & Design, Campaign

The Padres of the future will more than likely have multiple All-Stars, a Cy Young winner, A Rookie of the Year and more than likely a World Series trophy. I keep telling myself that year in and year out, but the thing is … I believe it. This can’t and won’t happen with their current brand. It needs a major reset. It needs more attention. It needs more finesse and passion behind it. There is division between the current Navy Blue and Bring Back the Brown Crew. So with that being said, I decided to go in an exploratory direction and test for myself and share with others what is working and what isn’t working. I have been testing color pairings for some time now and wanted to see how they lined up as a new broadcast package for my Padres. While this is simply a passion project I wanted to see if I could re-imagine the MLB.tv experience. This is simply one frame and I wanted to explore my favorite brand colors. Navy Blue, White, Gray and Red-Orange as the primary accent color.

I keep trying to wrap my head around the reality of the Padres fully embracing the Brown and Yellow/Gold and I just don’t see it happening. Navy Blue is their primary brand color and it is here to stay. The seats are blue, the adjacent ocean is blue, the SD sky is predominately always blue, so why embrace the brown. I agree with many that the brown is fully own-able and no other team would dare try and replicate it. Brown doesn’t cater to all the casual fans, it caters to the die-hard fan that wants to embrace something all together something new. The stagnant; lame uniforms that have been around for what seems like forever needs to be re-imagined completely. While I don’t love what the Diamondbacks did, they at least got more contemporary and pushed the visual language in a whole new direction. Baseball is no longer our grandparents pastime, it is becoming more relevant to the youth of today. Just look at how relevant travel ball is today compared to 10 years ago. It is here to stay, but it must embrace the now, the cool, the fashion trends of now, but married to the past. Pinstripes are cool, just do it in a more contemporary way. I look at what Nike did for the Oregon Ducks and wish we had a brand that would re-design our uniforms from the ground up. And by the way, the new word mark “PADRES” across the chest is atrocious. On a purely typographical standpoint the letterforms are terrible.

I am interested to contribute to this conversation and hopefully inspire Ron Fowler to embrace a full rebrand in one direction or another, just make it awesome. I’ll be adding to this post over the next couple of weeks.

On a side note, this game was actually 11-0 when Wil Myers was up to bat. The Padres smoked the Brewers this game.

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